, an independent escrow and settlement service for real estate and business transactions in California. We specialize in escrow and settlement services for multi-family and commercial real estate transactions as well as business sales or other "bulk sales"; however, we are a full-service escrow company and we also handle traditional residential real estate sale and refinance transactions. We have an experienced staff and we invest in training and take advantage of technology which allows us to continually improve ourselves and provide the highest level of customer service and a strong commitment to serve the best interests of the parties to our transactions. We are licensed by the State of California and we are bonded and required to be independent and completely unrelated to any transaction, allowing us to safeguard the interests of all of the parties to a transaction and help to get deals done.
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Escrow is a term that is frequently misunderstood or confused for other concepts. If you have purchased a house in California, you most likely used the services of an escrow company but you may not have noticed or recognized the escrow services you were using; however, escrow is a critical function in real estate and other complex transactions.

Let's start with a traditional definition: Escrow is a legal arrangement in which an asset (often money, but sometimes other property such as art, a deed of title, website, or software source code) is delivered to a third party (called an escrow agent) to be held in trust pending a contingency or the fulfillment of a condition or conditions in a contract such as payment of a purchase price. Upon the satisfaction of a condition or conditions, the escrow agent will deliver the asset to the proper recipient, otherwise the escrow agent is bound by his or her fiduciary duty to maintain the escrow account.

Still confused? One way to think about escrow is to start with a very basic business transaction. For example, when you purchase groceries at a store, you select the products that you want you proceed to the register, your price is calculated and you pay for your goods and leave with them. When you purchase assets like real estate, you cannot usually walk up to the owner, tender payment and take possession of the real estate. The transactions are more complex and require the buyer and the seller as well as other parties such a title companies and mortgage lenders each to perform certain functions or satisfy certain conditions before the seller's money is tendered and the title is transferred. That's why escrow agents are used. All of the roles and responsibilities are set forth in a purchase agreement. Escrow agents take possession of assets (such as the buyer's good faith deposit) and prepare to transfer title upon satisfaction of all of the conditions in the agreement. Because the escrow agent is a neutral third party, the escrow agent follows the terms of the agreement signed by the parties to the transactions and does not disburse funds or transfer title until all of the conditions have been met.

While escrow is best known in the United States in the context of real estate (specifically in mortgages where the mortgage company will establish an escrow account to pay property tax and insurance during the term of the mortgage), escrow companies are also commonly used in the transfer of high value personal and business property, like websites and businesses, and in relation to person-to-person remote auctions (such as eBay).
Real Estate Transaction Settlement Services
Many transactions in which escrow agents are involved revolve around the purchase, sale and financing of real estate because those transactions are the most difficult and complex invloving multiple parties, complicated purchase and sale agreements and substantial sums of money. handles transactions related to all classes of real estate transactions including commercial , multi-family and residential properties. Each of these classes of property can require slightly different procedures. has the experience and technology to service all types of real estate transactions.

Business Transactions
A business sale or "bulk sale" escrow is a type of escrow agreement placed on the sale of inventory, business assets or an entire company. The escrow agent is required to protect the interests of unsecured creditors and eliminate the risk that the seller of the assets will use the proceeds from the sale for purposes other than paying debts or taxes owed. The escrow officers at are specially trained to handle bulk sale escrows and they use systems and software designed for this purpose.

Eminent Domain and Holding Retention Agreements
When governments exercise their power of eminent domain to acquire property, they frequently use an escrow agent to handle the the acqusitions funds and to settle the transfer. Governments also use settlement agents to hold funds raised from the issuance of bonds until the funds are spent. has experience in both eminent domain transactions and with holding retention agreements.

Notary and Document Signing
As part of any transactions, provides notary and signing services at a location convenient for the parties.
Escrow services in California can, depending on the type of transaction, be provided by real estate professionals, lawyers, title companies and, like , licensed independent settlement agents. Unlike other escrow service providers, licensed independent escrow agents are not a party to the transaction and our sole purpose is to provide settlement services that are truly independent of the principals to the transaction or their agents. We are licensed by the California Department of Corporations and we are bonded and must meet rigourous standards in order to obtain and maintain our license. If you have a choice, choose an independent escrow agent for your next transaction.